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As a premier organizer of sports events, Legend Events invites you to join us for thrilling experiences tailored for the bold, the adventurous, and nature enthusiasts of all fitness levels. Explore the excitement of trail running, mountain biking, dirt biking, and obstacle races, all set against the stunning backdrops of South Africa's most exclusive routes. Get ready for legendary moments with Legend Events!

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Race 2 Southern is more than just a race; it's a celebration of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the stunning Western Cape. Join us for the ultimate 2-day stage race covering 362 km of gravel, mountain biking (MTB), E-Biking, and running. In the SOLO category, complete all stages. For RELAY TEAMS: 2-man Teams can relay at checkpoints or alternate cycling and running, while 3-man Teams can relay at checkpoints or assign each member to a specific discipline.


The Legend Extreme Duathlon stands out in the realm of dirt biking and MTB with its unique format. This two-person team stage event pairs one MTB rider with one dirt bike rider, each completing a designated number of laps daily in their respective disciplines. Participants also have the option to compete solo, doing MTB & dirt biking. The event features routes that are largely inaccessible to the general public, offering a mix of enjoyable elements for beginners and challenging technical sections for experienced and adventurous riders alike.


This family-friendly event celebrates the thrill of outdoor exploration and two-wheeled adventures. From guided trail rides to demo rides on tracks ranging from 2.5km to 30km, there's something for every level of rider. Feel the adrenaline rush as you tackle wild riding tracks or test your skills in barrel racing on your own bike. Families can bond over camping "Dads & Lads" style, enjoy live music and a variety of delicious food stalls and plenty of excitement, it's an event the whole family will love!


The Legend Runner stands out as one of Africa's premier mass start obstacle races, drawing participants from across the globe to its stunning location in Paarl. Its scenic beauty and diverse challenges cater to runners of all ages, making it a highlight on the race calendar. Annually, thousands of runners, both local and international, conquer the course, showcasing the event's popularity and appeal.


The Legend Funduro offers a family-friendly environment for dirt bike enthusiasts, featuring camping facilities and diverse routes suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. This event prioritizes exploration over competition, providing a chance to ride in exclusive locations typically off-limits to the public. It's designed as a bonding experience for friends and families, with ample opportunities for networking and creating lasting memories.


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